Utah Chapter

International Association of Arson Investigators

President's Message


Terry Reilly

I want to first express my appreciation to the membership for trusting in me to be the president of the Utah Chapter of the International Association of Arson Investigators. Seminar is wrapping up as I write this and the board of directors is hard at work evaluating the 2016 seminar and preparing to put on another wonderful and valuable seminar in 2017.

            The first thing I would like to say as the new president is that the importance of fire investigations to the fire service, the insurance industry and the legal system cannot be overstated. We all spend countless hours training, learning and working to be efficient in fire cause determination investigation, but to what end. We all seem to spend so much time preparing for the legal system and arson fires, I believe we lose the idea of how fire cause investigation serves the public, our customers, and firefighters in being safer. How many safety recalls and how many code changes come from properly determined fire cause determinations? Please remember that our jobs are to find out what happened and why, not just to put criminals in jail. Always strive to be a finder of fact, not just an arson investigator. Remember that we can have a positive outcome to society by investigating and determining cause and origin on all fires, even accidental and undetermined fires.

            My next item to share is that First Vice President Lynn Schofield and I will be attending the International Training Conference of The International Association of Arson Investigators in late April in an effort to represent our Chapter as well as look for new and exciting topics and instructors to bring here to our Utah Chapter seminar in 2017. The board of directors is always open to ideas for topics and instructors from the membership. I encourage any of our members to also attend the ITC if able, it is very educational and a great networking opportunity.

I welcome our new first and second Vice President, Lynn Schofield and Tad Norris respectively. I also welcome new one year board members Steve Higley and Casey Vorwahler. I would like to thank Kerry Evans and Russ Whitney who are no longer serving on the board, for all their work and time. I also want to thank Past President Troy Mills for his service to this association as well as being an example to me.

            I am very much an Internet and social media person so please check back often to our Utah Chapter IAAI website for information and updates. Let's all help each other in our work, whether private, public, or legal we should all strive to be finders of facts, even when in an adversarial position and strive to make our society safer through fire cause determination.


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