Utah Chapter

International Association of Arson Investigators

President's Message


Terry Reilly

Hello, and I hope summer is treating you well. The board is working very hard on several items for the association, so here is an update on those items.

The annual training seminar will be in Wendover from February 26 to March 1st.


The theme is fatal fires. We are working on the following instructors, and will have them locked in soon, we hope. Mike Morgan is an investigator for the Utah Office of the Medical Examiner. Mike will teach about 2 hours and also be present for the burn cells. We are working to have pigs in teh burn cells, so that we can see fires effect on a body.


Our next instructor is Pat Wills, retired form Long Beach California and he teaches on using a code insection as part of a fatal fire investigation.


Our last instructor is Ed Nordsgok, a 35 year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office, specializing in arson investigation. Ed is an author as well. Ed will instruct on profiling the fire death scene. We believe this will make a great seminar.


Another item we want to do at the conference is start an investigator or investigation of the year award. I feel as president we need to recognize the great and dedicated work that happens every

day in Utah and elsewhere that helps to solve the crime of arson and prevent further death and injury.We are looking for suggestions and nominations so if you have one please e mail them to me at reillyppd@gmail.com We will be writing some crtiteria as we get closer to the seminar, but for now we are looking to see how many nominatiosn we may get.


As a Board we have discussed the members of our association and the need to give you more than just a once a year seminar. Colorado Chapter recently became an eduation location for IAAI courses. This has led us to look into getting a courtroom testimony class in Utah. This is a project in the works. We also have discussed starting scholarships to send our members to Colorado for these classes.


The last thing I want to share is how appreciative I am to the board members, all of them. I have asked for many thigs to be done, and someone always volunteers. Having said that, we want you to run

for a board position. We need to get new ideas and new faces involves. I have learned more about this association and the great investigators in the state form serving than I ever did in the back row. Please

get involved, if you can only help at the seminar, we can always use the help, but run for a board position. Stay safe, and as always remember the motto be a truth seeker. The registration for seminar should be available November 1. Look for it.


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